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BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

BTEC National Diploma in Photography

Chartered Counselling Psychologist


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Painting in acrylics is my favoured form of creative expression; the feel of the brush on canvas and subtle mixing of colours and intensities. I explore with other mediums, but from a base of acrylics.

With restricted time recently I would doodle using pens and water colour pencils. I have also expanded to working in 3 dimension, carving out of art blocks.

My art has been reignited in recent years through my work as a Psychologist, working a balance between left and right brain processing. It has also been a direct expression of my own experiences and processing of my internal self through therapy. 

I am traditionally trained in film cameras and development.

Having a difficult relationship with words, photography is now a quick means  to capture the world in the visual ways that I  understand it from. I rely on sense, shape and colour over words, and like to capture these forms that present themselves to me through mindful observation of the world around me.  

Digital collages

Digital sketches

Marketing design including websites, logos,brochures etc.

My creative writing was an antidote for me from the cognitive processing demands of formal writing regulations during my studies. 

It comes from unconscious dreams, meditations and from rhythms felt within me rather than semantic sense making.

SPECTRUM Expression
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