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Services and costs


Half day small project

Simple poster/advert design

Icon/png creation


Marketing profile

Develop an overall marketing design profile that could be applied to various materials ie; websites, flyers etc.

Includes an initial consultation to establish ideas and get an essence of the service and people involved. Ongoing email communication to ensure a collaborative approach



To assist with specific individual projects. 


Newbury Canoe club 

Website manager and designer

NCC grew from 3 to 100+ members since 2021 but the websites development had not caught up with this rapid progression. Whilst I was wanting to get my hands on the site it needed to be done sensitively to what had already been worked on previously. The previous website manager needed to resign and so I took this opportunity to revamp the whole site in the background to the original site to show my ideas. Once the fresh approach was seen by the committee I was handed full publishing rights.
I respected the knowledge of the club members so made little amendments to the content itself whilst restructuring the layout to make it more intuitive.

The colour profile was already in place and so I had to work around this and the logo. 

Created through


NCC Club logo.png

Logo redesign

I was unable to change the original NCC logo as the colour profile and image was already being used across merchandise. I was troubled by the use of an outdated looking font as it conflicted with the Raleway font being used across the newly designed website.
In creating a new 'Waterside series' webpage it required a separate logo and so I was given permission to use this opportunity to freshen up the club logo by also u
sing Raleway. 

Reworked with Adobe illustrator


Asset 5_288x.png
Asset 6_288x.png
Pathway to PaddlingE.png

Pathways to paddling information poster                                    Induction pack
As a new member I created information that I had felt was missing in our induction. This gave me the opportunity to design new icons in illustrator, mastering the puppet tool to change different paddling positions. 

Created in Adobe illustrator

Created in Powerpoint

body exitAsset 19_2x.png
body catchAsset 7_2x.png
body classic draw 2Asset 24_2x.png
body frontAsset 8_2x.png
low brace 2Asset 33_2x.png
body front twistAsset 10_2x.png
buoyancy aid 2Asset 30_2x.png
Asset 8_4x.png
low brace 1Asset 6_4x.png
BridgeAsset 1_2x.png

Information Map of West Berkshire waterways 

It was a vision of the club Chairman to have an information map for paddlers with timings and key landmark of the main route through Newbury. As my enthusiasm and skills grew so did the project. My goal was that, whilst it had detailed information, it was also to be visual a peice of art work for the club walls. As part of the research I also walked the root and took all of the photos.

Created in with Adobe In Design, icons created with Illustrator

NWM final2.jpg

Social event posters

Created in with Powerpoint

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