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Support the boys by buying

Made from original art created by the boys

Profits will go directly to the EDD

Visit for more information

Welcome to the wonderful artwork from the young ex-street boys at Les Enfants de Dieu
Ndera, Gasabo, Kigali, Rwanda:
+250 255 114 835


Their aim is ...“To transform the lives of Rwandan street children by meeting their basic and psychosocial needs, providing them with education and skills, and reintegrating them to become valuable members of society”

Les Enfants de Dieu is a residential placement in Rwanda for young boys who have found themselves trying to escape their lives of poverty, domestic violence, inherent genocide trauma etc, and head to the streets of Kigali, Rwanda, to seek a better life.


The Governments agenda has been to close all post-genocide orphanages and move all children into foster homes.  LEDD is not just an orphanage  but a therapeutic environment that provides a programme in developing strong psychosocial skills in order for the boys to transition into families or independent living. 

Part of their programme is to offer the opportunity to try various activities to explore interests and possible career paths.


During my visits I have found a wonderful gallery of the boys art. I wanted to encourage these budding artists so provided an art class during my last visit (see blog post). I was also eager to promote their art outside of Rwanda and assist in fundraising which is where the online shop idea emerged. 

We know that there are many demands on us to donate to various charities and in our materialistic world we want something back for our money. So here you can purchase some great quality products and enjoy the original and vibrant art from the boys whilst knowing that profits made go directly to LEDD.

Enjoy the gallery
Lots of great gift options 
Just click the artwork you like to see what fantastic products you can buy
Or please just leave a message of support for the boys. 
If you are interested in purchasing the original artwork please email
Because of Rwandan shipping taxes this service will rely on personal delivery by friends of LEDD travelling from Rwanda. Therefore it is limited to locations and timescales. You may have to wait a few months for delivery. 
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