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Acrylics and pastels on stretched canvas
Certificate of authentication provided
Original 40in x 40in unframed


This piece created a huge shift in my personal journey by allowing myself to accept and express my angst aswell as ‘happy’ in myself and my art. Because of this I intentionally made use of black for the first time in this period, a colour I usually avoid. As with therapy there is a sheer terror of facing the tightly winding roads to a sheer drop. One wrong turn and it all ends. But along with terror and nerves there is excitement as we see the view in the distance, a softer, calmer place of colour and brightness. All we want to do is get to the place we can see in the future, but to get there we know we need to take this tumultuous journey first. Adrenalin makes us sweat but soon turns to sweat of relief having made our way through the terror and darkness. As the adrenalin slows down it is a journey never to forget.



  • Colours may not be exact to the image seen online due to digital configurations.

    If the art does not meet with your requirements there is a no quibble 14 day returns policy from the date of receiving the art. 

    The seller cannot be accountable for any damage made to the art during transit but delivery will be tracked and recorded accordingly for it's protection.

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