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Acrylics and fabrics from Rwanda on stretched canvas
Certificate of authentication provided
Original  23.5in x 31.5in   unframed


As part of the recovery from the genocide of 1994 there are continual programmes to create reconciliation between perpatrators and victims.  They came ot realise that new generations were holding on to the trauma, pain, anger and resentments and needed to be addressed.  This image represents the importance of these programmes for the happiness of new generations. Interspersed are small images of the individual stories and roles of the genocide, as ghosts that will always remain but do not control them.  

Reconciliation 2018

  • Colours may not be exact to the image seen online due to digital configurations.

    If the art does not meet with your requirements there is a no quibble 14 day returns policy from the date of receiving the art. 

    The seller cannot be accountable for any damage made to the art during transit but delivery will be tracked and recorded accordingly for it's protection.

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